Maskagrit ltd is a fast-developing company and our way of working is to be respectful to our customers, partners, employees and to the environment. Under these values, we are constantly improving our product and services, renewing our plant and equipment, certifying the product’s quality by international organizations, expanding our offices across Europe and participating in international exhibitions.


  • 1987 Establishment of Maskagrit, under the name of “Larymna maska ltd”, by Stamatakis Ioannis and Kavallas Ioannis.

  • 1988 The company develops one of the biggest innovations in the field, in order to improve the quality of the product. The washing process is being added to the production line, by updating the equipment with modern machines and by using knowhow. This causes the sharp decrease in conductivity (microsiemens) and the increase of annual profits. The company participates for the first time in the international shipping exhibition “Posidonia”.

  • 1990 Opening of a new office in Piraeus.

  • 1992 Product’s certification by the Hellenik Body for Standardization ΕΛΟΤ.

  • 1994 The company is updating investment in equipment in her plant and cargo harbour, aiming in better customer service.

  • 1998 Maskagrit ltd comes first in sales in Europe.

  • 2000 Installation for biological cleaning for the protection of the environment.

  • 2001 New management. The founders’ sons Stamatakis Nikolaos and Kavallas George are now in charge of the company, which is renaming in “Maskagrit ltd”.

  • 2002 The company is replacing the plant’s equipment. Opening of a new branch in Romania and new work-force is being added to the company’s personnel.

  • 2003 Maskagrit ltd was awarded ISO 9000 by the German bodies for Standardization Dekra and LGA.

  • 2004 Exports increase by 95%. Cooperation with important professionals worldwide.
    The company takes part at the Olympic works of Athens 2004.

  • 2005 Opening of a new branch in Athens and new personnel.
    Decrease of the loading time from 2 days to 1.

  • 2006 The company is updating investment in new technologies to her equipment, in order to decrease the exhaust gases.

  • 2007 Opening of a new branch in London.

  • 2010 New corporate identity.