Stamatakis Nikolaos, Production Manager

“Which are your future plans and your expectations for Maskagrit ltd and its products?”

“Our company has made big steps towards the steady improvement of maskagrit’s quality. Our vision for the future is clear: to continue this path, to expand our sales network and to make maskagrit widely known. Finally, part of the company’s core strategy is the technological progress, new development and the continuing operation in an environmental responsible way.”

Kavallas George, Sales manager

“What is your strategy in the field of environmental protection?”

“Maskagrit is a product, whose raw material exists in nature, in the subsoil. It is a natural derivative and that is why the environmental sustainability is so important to us.

Our company’s way of working is to be respectful amongst others to the environment. Since the beginning, we have invested in equipment that is friendly to the environment. New machines, special filters and modern pipelines are a few of the measures that we have adopted in this field. With the continuous evaluation of these measures, we believe that we are very close to our objectives.”

Stamatakis Ioannis, HR

Kavallas Ioannis, HR

Company’s personnel:

3 Secretarial Support

3 Drivers

2 Οperators

1 Plant Manager

6 Factory equipment operators