Maskagrit, before its final stage of production and its transfer to the final destination, goes through its processing in our plant. There it will be washed with abundant water, dried in the rotary kilns and sieved. This procedure requires attention and detailed control by our specialized personnel. With our long experience, we have managed to automate and bring the process to perfection, making the production fast and effective.


As raw material, our company uses the metallurgical slag, which is produced during reductive smelting of nickelferrous ores (laterites).

This material is transported to our plant and, specifically to the washing-machine installations, where it is washed with a strong seam of water*, so that its conductivity -which initially is up to 3,500-4.000m- reaches the price of 150mS (ISO). This makes maskagrit a product with excellent attributes.

The next step is to put maskagrit into two rotary kilns length of 7,5, where it will be dried and loose its remaining conductivity. Temperatures are 250 ºC at the entrance and 140-145 ºC at the exit.

Finally, it is transported in two sieves in order to take place its separation from the dust. Through the grannulometry procedure, it is selected only the final product which is between 0,2-2,8 mm.

*The used water goes to a complete installation of biological cleaning.