Our company takes over the package and transportation of its product in bags, in bulk or containers.


After the selection of the final product through the sieving procedure, maskagrit is packaged in bags of 1T, 1,5T, 2T and less than 35kg or it is stored in the warehouses of our plant.


Our company undertakes maskagrit’s transportation with safety and in excellent conditions from our plant to the final destination, with privately-owned trucks or not (30 tons payload), trucks with containers (20 tons payload per container), and cargo-boats (of 20.000 tons payload).

The transportation with cargo-boats is either CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight), in which our company undertakes the transportation of the product from the plant to the port, the freighting and its delivery to the destination port, or FOB (Free on board), in which the company undertakes only the product’s transportation to the port.